Step by Step Guide to find your Customer Avatar like a pro!

Is marketing all about just creating a product or a service and promoting it?

A Big NO!

What’s the use of a product or a service when there is no market demand for it?!

However best the product or the service might be, but until and unless it solves a problem or relieves a pain point, it is of no use!

A product or a service should be something that helps the customer to jump from his current state to his desired state.

But how do we know these

That is why market research is really important.

The most important part of it is to have a proper Customer Avatar.


customer avatar

What is a customer avatar?

Customer Avatar is an ideal representation of your target audience which includes various demographics mainly their pain points, current state, goals or desired state, fears, etc.

Instead of targeting the whole audience, which is too complicated, you can analyze and come up with a character that perfectly represents your target audience as a whole.

Why is the customer avatar important?

An ideal customer avatar(or buyer’s persona) gives you a clearer picture of your target audience and you understand as to what are the gaps you can fill.

This makes it easy to understand the pain points and to come up with a solution for the same in the form of a product or a service.

So, instead of trying to fit your product in the market and expecting the audience to buy it, you must first understand the audience and come up with a product that automatically fits itself in the market!

Marketing is not about creating demands, it is about fulfilling the demands which are already there in the market. 

Also, creating a customer avatar helps us in personalization, which plays a very important role in today’s world because people like to hear from people nowadays and not from brands.

Once you are done creating your ideal customer avatar, you can personalize each and every piece of content in your funnel by imagining that you are writing for that customer avatar instead of thinking that you are writing for the whole audience.

Communication will be easier when it is one-to-one than when it is one-to-many.

Creating a customer avatar does the magic for you!

Okay, so it is understood what a customer avatar is and why is it important to create it.

Is that all?


How can I leave you mid-way without even telling you how to create a customer avatar?! [ Half knowledge is dangerous my dear, but no fear when DigiAman is here 🙂 ]

So, let’s come to the most interesting part of this article i.e. 

5 easy steps to find your customer avatar like a pro!

Yes, you heard it right!

You just need 5 steps to be a pro!

I have tried this practically and I will share my full experience with you step by step! [You are special to me:)]

Are you readdyyyy?!

Step 1 – Identify your niche

This is the basic and the most important step when it comes to creating an ideal customer avatar.

Which audience will you target when you don’t even have a niche?!

A niche is something that is a mixture of your interest, skill set, and market demand for the same.

See, understand one thing, not every interest of yours can be a proper niche because if you have an interest in that and the market doesn’t even demand it, then what’s the use?

Also, what if you have an interest in something but you don’t have the required skills for it, then it’s of no use.

So, when it comes to niche it is all up to you.

Think deeply about what is the work which you can do for endless hours without even feeling that you are working! Through this, you will understand your true interest

Work on that interest regularly to develop the skills required for the same.

Then, analyzing the market demand for the same will give you the perfect answer whether that interest of yours can be a niche or not!

Always remember the difference between a mere interest and a proper niche!

That is why I used the terms, “Identify your niche” and not “Select your niche.”

Because selecting a particular niche from a bunch of niches doesn’t guarantee whether you are truly interested and skilled for it whereas when it comes to identifying your niche, you have tapped into your inner voice and you know clearly that this is the thing I would love to work upon for the rest of my life!

Personally speaking, after considering all these points, I have identified my niche to be digital marketing(especially for beginners).

Step 2- Form or Join a community with people interested in your niche

After identifying your niche, you must form a community related to your niche or you can join a community for the same.

Forming a community yourself might be a bit tedious, and if you are looking for faster results then I would prefer to join a community at first.

A community of like minded people makes the process much easier because you already know that this set of people are interested in your niche and thus all you need to do is analyse them to understand their requirements.

When it comes to joining a community, there are many options like Facebook Groups, Telegram Groups, mutual contacts,etc.

In my case, I had opted for a digital marketing training course that gave me access to a great community, thus making the task much easier.

A community of like-minded people gives you genuine feedback and thus helps you improve in many ways!

So, I have identified my niche and I have a full-fledged source to take the process further.

Now, what’s next?

Step 3 – Make a detailed survey form and circulate it in your community

This is where the most exciting part begins!!

All you need to do is create a survey form covering each and every aspect in a comprehensive manner. This can be easily done using various softwares or tools available such as Google Forms, Ninja Forms, etc.

Personally speaking, I used a Google Form ( simple and easy to use) for the survey.

The questions you ask will be the deciding factor in deciding your customer avatar because the answers to the same will give you a clear understanding of your target audience.

Here are some of the questions which will be applicable whatever your niche might be:

1.Email Address(very important):


3.What is your Age?

  • Below 18
  • 18 – 25
  • 25 – 40
  • 41 – 60
  • 60 +
customer avatar survey form


  • Male
  • Female
  • Other

5.Where do you stay?

6.Marital Status

  • Single
  • Married
customer avatar  survey form

7.Job Title 

  • Student
  • Professional
  • Entrepreneur
  • Other:

8.Annual Income

  • Below 4 lakhs
  • 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs
  • 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs
  • 25 lakhs +
customer avatar survey form


  • School
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Postgraduate
  • PHD
customer avatar survey form

So these were some of the questions which gave me a clear understanding of their current state in a general way.

Now, let me disclose some niche specific questions(digital marketing related) which were included in the survey form.

10.What are your goals when it comes to digital marketing?

  • Become a digital freelancer
  • Get a high paying digital marketing job
  • Become a digital mentor
  • Have your own digital marketing agency
  • Become a personal brand in the field of digital marketing
  • Other:

11.What is your level when it comes to digital marketing?

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
customer avatar survey form

These two questions made me understand what level they are currently and what they wanna achieve.

12.Which part of digital marketing are you interested in the most? 

  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • Paid Ads
  • Social Media
  • Lead Generation and Marketing Funnels
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics
  • Other:
customer avatar survey form

This was a very important question because it helps me to cut down my niche and makes me understand which part I should focus the most.

13.What are your pain points when it comes to digital marketing?

14.What are your fears when it comes to implementation in the field of digital marketing?

customer avatar survey form

These two questions made me understand what are the gaps I need to fill in and in which areas I can add value to my audience.

15.Where do you hang out the most?

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Blog Sites
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Other:
customer avatar survey form

This question gives me a clear understanding of where my audience is and so I can reach out to them on those platforms.

So, these are the questions that are enough to do the magic and you can easily come up with your customer avatar!

You might be thinking that the form is so lengthy, will people really complete it?

Well, generally, no they won’t!

But, in my case they did very easily despite the fact that it was too too long!

You won’t believe it, I managed to get 100 responses to my survey form in 1 day ! ( I would have got more but I stopped accepting responses after that as 100 was the perfect sample size for me to look upto)

Well, I am a man who believes in practicality, so I will show you the proof as well.

customer avatar  survey responses

Let’s now disclose the secret as to how I got such amazing responses!

STEP 4 – Give away some free resources in return!

This was more than enough to do the magic !

Always remember, whenever you ask people to do something for you, there is a question they always have – “What’s in it for me? Or What will I get in return?”

That’s what I looked forward to and thus I gave many many free resources to those who completed the survey form!

In a world full of benefit seekers, you have to be the benefit giver so that you survive in the long term.

While circulating the google form in my community, all I did was, I said to them that they will get many free resources delivered straight to their mailbox after they complete and submit the form!

free resources

And I gave each and every resource mentioned and even more than that!

So, this is what helped me get 100 responses to my form!

Sounds exciting, right?!

Try it yourself.It is an amazing experience.

Now, let’s come to the last perhaps the most important step to finding your customer avatar.

STEP 5 – Analyse the responses and come up with an ideal customer avatar

This step will be the deciding factor towards finding your customer avatar.

I will share my responses and tell you how I analysed them.

See, the analysis I will do below reflects my perspective.Some people might see it differently and I see it differently.

customer avatar responses analysis

As you can see 64% of my audience are males and rest 36% are females.

Also, 52% are in the age group 26-40, 38% in age group 18-25,7% in age group 41-60, only 2% are below 18 and only 1% is 60+.

So, this means I should create my funnel keeping in mind that more than half of my audience is in the age group 26-40.That means most of my audience have completed their education and are maybe doing a job or owning a business.

customer avatar responses analysis

Location of my audience comes into the picture when I am targeting ads to my audience.As you can see, my audience is from various cities, so while targeting ads I can pay more attention to these locations.

customer avatar responses analysis

61% of my audience are people who are single and the rest 39% are married.Marital status is not of much importance to me.Single or Married, they are interested in digital marketing, that’s all!

Also,41% of my audience are working professionals,29% are students,19% are entrepreneurs and the rest 11% come in the others category.

This means,most of my audience are already doing jobs but maybe they aren’t satisfied with it and that is the reason they are looking forward to a career in digital marketing.


They are just showing interest in this field because they wanna explore it and upgrade their skills.


They are already in the digital marketing field but they wanna jump onto the next level.


They are looking forward to leaving their job and starting their own business and as digital marketing plays a major role in any business,they wanna master it.

And much more!

You can keep on analysing and analysing.To get to a conclusion you can again do a more detailed survey.

See,finding a customer avatar is not a rigid process.It keeps on changing.It keeps on upgrading.It keeps on refining as you go more in depth.

customer avatar responses analysis

65% of my audience have their annual income below 4 lakhs, 28% have it between 4 lakhs and 10 lakhs, 6% have it between 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs and only 1% has more than 25 lakhs.

Also, when it comes to education, 55% of my audience have completed their post graduation, 24% are graduates, 13% are doing their under-graduation and the rest 8% are either in school or high school or PHD.

While analysing this I was a bit shocked, because most of the audience have their annual income just below 4 lakhs although maximum have completed their post graduation!

This might be the reason that they are looking forward to digital marketing to earn more and to live a more fulfilled life.

So, this means I should keep in mind that most of my audience might need a bit faster results as they have already invested so many years in their formal education.Also, they are looking forward to a promising future in digital marketing.

customer avatar responses analysis

This was the most exciting part!

71% of my audience are completely new to digital marketing,28% are on the intermediate level and only 1% on the advanced level.

This means, when I am writing content, I must write it from the most basic level keeping in mind a person who has zero knowledge in the digital marketing field and get a bit deeper later on so that it satisfies the intermediate level as well.

When it comes to end goals, 33% of my audience want to become a digital freelancer, 22% need a high paying digital marketing job, 23% wanna become a personal brand, 17% wanna have their own digital marketing agency, only 4% wanna become a digital mentor and the rest 1% wanna have a traditional ad agency.

So,these are the areas where I can focus on to provide tips on how to achieve these end goals.

responses analysis

As you can see, Content Writing,SEO,Social Media,Lead Generation, these are the top 4 areas of digital marketing,people are interested in.

So, I must focus more and  guide them from scratch in these areas.

 responses analysis

Most of the audience faced lack of guidance and mentorship and lack of implementation.

So, this is where I can plan to come up with various blog posts for guidance  and mentorship programmes.Also, help them when it comes to implementation (which I have already done as I have given you step by step each and everything you need to find your customer avatar!).

Fears of my audience when it comes to digital marketing mainly were-

Lack of knowledge,Fear of failure,Fear others’ opinions,Fear of less returns, Fear of competition, Don’t know where to start, Lack of confidence,etc.

So,each and every value I provide should focus on overcoming these fears and provide solutions for the same.

36% of my audience is on Instagram, 25% on Youtube, 20% on Facebook.

So, now I know that these are the major platforms from where I can provide value and drive traffic to my content.

So,this is how analysis works and it can be different for each and every person but to get a strong conclusion you need to collect more in-depth information and analyse in a more detailed manner.

Keep on analysing, this is an endless and a very interesting process!

Always be a data-driven marketer!

So after all this analysis, my ideal customer avatar is a person(you can give a random name) who is in the age group 26-40,has completed post graduation, is a working professional, earns below 4 lakhs annually, wants to become a freelancer in the field of digital marketing, is mainly interested in Content Writing,SEO,Social Media and Lead Generation, looking for proper guidance and mentorship in this field and mainly hangs out on Instagram.

Wasn’t it simple to find your customer avatar??! 

It isn’t rocket science or some complicated thing to do!

All you need is a survey form and a bit of brain to do the magic!

Nothing is complicated in this world, it completely depends on how you see it and how you do it!

Thank you so much for your patience:))

So,what are you waiting for?

Go, find your customer avatar and move a big step ahead towards achieving your goals!

Please let me know your views on this in the comments section!

Till then,



Take care!


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