Importance Of Having A Website For A Business

It is rightly said, “A business with no online presence in this digital world, is almost dead.” Well, almost every business witnessed this in these tough Covid times when most of the businesses are shut due to the lockdown restrictions.

But, at the same time, Amazon,Flipkart and all other e-commerce platforms have their profits reaching sky-high.


Because they have an online presence. Customers get what they want at the comfort of their homes, safely without being prone to Covid-19, just by using their smartphones and having an internet connection.

Even you can earn healthy profits by running your business online. But, the first step to run an online business is to have a website for your business.

Now, the question comes –  what is the importance of having a website for your business?

  1. Excellent Reach
  2. Good Brand Value
  3. Increases Credibility
  4. Builds a Good Portfolio 

Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail.

1.Excellent Reach –  Earlier, a customer before buying a product or service used to go around and check with 4-5 shops offline. Now, a potential customer goes through your website before making a purchase from you. The whole world has moved online. Most people spend most of the time on social media, search engines, OTT platforms and every digital medium available. Your website can be checked by anyone from any part of the world, thanks to the high speed internet connection facilities and the strong digital network. If you run a business in Mumbai, your website can get you a customer even from Uttarakhand or Punjab or even London. There’s no limit to the reach you get through your website.You have your target audience in front of you, easily approachable through all the digital mediums. You can generate thousands of leads every single day just through your website. Imagine the profits even if 50 leads get converted out of 1000 leads in a day:) That’s the power of a website.

2.Good Brand Value – People love authority. People love popularity. People love status. That’s why it is very important to have a good brand image in the market. The first step to build a good brand value is to have an online presence i.e. a website. You need to get in front of the audience.You need to tell them that you have a solution to their problem. You need to tell them that you’ve got what they need. Customer satisfaction is the key to building a good brand image. But, you can’t do that unless and until you don’t make them aware of who you are and what you offer. This is when the role of a website comes into play. In an offline world, the reach has a certain limit. For example, if you run a grocery shop, then the people living near you shop only will buy from you. A person who lives far away won’t come to your shop just for buying a small thing.Doesn’t make sense at all. They would rather buy it from a shop in their area. But, when it comes to a website, people can visit it from any part of the world irrespective of where your office or the warehouse for your business is because people love comfort . So, a website will get you in front of the audience from any part of the world, build trust, in turn building a good brand value and thus increasing your customer base.

3.Increases Credibility – As you already have a good reach and a good brand value, a website helps you to increase your credibility in the market as well. Once the audience knows you and they purchase from your website, you get a lot of traction in the market, thus building trust throughout the audience. If you get one customer satisfied, that one customer will recommend your brand to everyone in his/her network. The first thing they will do is check your website and then only they will buy from you.This is how you increase your credibility. As more and more people check your website and buy from you, your reach and your brand value also increases, which builds trust and thus your brand is portrayed as a ‘credible’ brand. The root of everything is – Have an online presence i.e a website.

4.Builds a Good Portfolio – Everyone has a tendency to check google reviews or amazon reviews or quora reviews before buying a product/service. Why? Because people love to hear from people, just like them. Even if the review is from a complete stranger, all that people care about is – there is a person just like me who has bought this product and he liked it. This is a digital world. People trust a brand mostly through their customer satisfaction, customer support, and customer reviews. Because, people don’t care who you are, they only care about themselves and whether they can solve their problem through what you are offering as a brand. That is when a website helps. You can showcase your customer reviews and customer testimonials either in a text format or even a video does great. This is how you build your portfolio as a brand and then only people trust you as a brand. This directly affects your brand value and credibility in the market. Again, the root is – Have an online presence i.e. a website.

If you’ve read till this point, thank you so much:)

Also, I suppose you are pretty convinced of the importance of having a website for your business.

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Stay Safe!


Aman Makhijani

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